E.g., 11/12/2018

E.g., 11/12/2018

Episode 9
Aug 22, 2017 • By: Patrick McFadin, Jeff Carpenter, David Gilardi, Luke Tillman

DuyHai Doan (@doanduyhai) shares about his experiences supporting DataStax customers in Europe, including some of the most common misunderstandings he sees regarding configuring Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise clusters for high availability.

Episode 8
Aug 15, 2017 • By: Bob Briody, Jeff Carpenter, Luke Tillman, David Gilardi, Patrick McFadin

Bob Briody (@bobbriody) explains the origins and capabilities of DataStax Studio, a powerful developer enablement tool for querying and visualizing both graph (Gremlin) and CQL data. Join us to learn about the most underrated feature of Studio and some hints on new features the Studio team has in the works.

Episode 7
Aug 08, 2017 • By: Jeff Carpenter, Patrick McFadin

Jeff Carpenter (@jscarp) chats with Patrick McFadin (@PatrickMcFadin) about the joys and challenges of building distributed systems using Apache Cassandra and reveals the “Top Ten” features of DataStax Enterprise that can help address the challenges.

Episode 6
Aug 01, 2017 • By: Sebastian Estevez, Patrick McFadin, Jeff Carpenter, Luke Tillman, David Gilardi

Solutions Engineer Sebastian Estevez (@syllogistic) shares his secrets for optimizing graph traversals using the Gremlin query language and why he’s excited about the future of DataStax Enterprise Graph.

Episode 5
Aug 01, 2017 • By: David Gilardi, Patrick McFadin, Jeff Carpenter, Luke Tillman

After 20 plus years in IT and programming using relational databases, David Gilardi (@SonicDMG) started fresh into Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise. David shares what he discovered about DataStax Enterprise that could have increased his productivity in previous applications. Learn David’s advice for conquering the learning curve so you can be successful with DataStax Enterprise in your applications.

Episode 4
Aug 01, 2017 • By: Jeff Carpenter, David Gilardi

Jeff Carpenter and David Gilardi talk about the essentials of a good hackathon, based on their recent experience running an event based on the KillrVideo reference application. As a bonus we share highlights from the event and some potential new feature ideas for DataStax Studio.

Episode 3
Aug 01, 2017 • By: David Gilardi, Jeff Carpenter

David Gilardi and Jeff Carpenter talk about the new Java implementation they created for the KillrVideo reference application.

Episode 2
Aug 01, 2017 • By: David Gilardi, Jeff Carpenter, Luke Tillman

David Gilardi and Jeff Carpenter talk about their plans to expand the KillrVideo reference application to demonstrate new features of DataStax Enterprise.

Episode 1
Aug 01, 2017 • By: Luke Tillman, David Gilardi, Jeff Carpenter

KillrVideo is a reference application for DataStax Enterprise.  This inaugural episode of the Distributed Data Show is a brief intro into what KillrVideo is, what it provides, and who might get something out of it.