E.g., 11/12/2018

E.g., 11/12/2018

Episode 46
May 08, 2018 • By: Jeff Carpenter, Brian Hess

Brian Hess joins the show to talk about what’s new with Analytics in DSE 6, especially Always-on SQL and Spark Streaming.

Episode 38
Mar 13, 2018 • By: David Gilardi

David Gilardi talks with Holden Karau of Google to mine many wonderful nuggets on the future of Spark and find out what might happen if she had a magic wand of awesomeness.

Episode 34
Feb 13, 2018 • By: Patrick McFadin

Patrick McFadin catches up with Holden Karau of Google to learn about new features of Spark 2.3, including Vectorized UDFs, Microbatch improvements, and Kubernetes support. Along the way, they explore whether API stability is an indicator that it’s time to make a career move. 

Episode 11
Sep 06, 2017 • By: Russell Spitzer, Jeff Carpenter, Patrick McFadin

DSE Analytics expert Russ Spitzer brings us up to speed on the latest developments in Apache Spark and the implications for DataStax Enterprise Analytics.