Query vs. Search

DSE Version: 6.0




  • Returns only the results that match the value

  • Performance is optimal since you're querying on the partition key and acts as a lookup.

  • In CQL,Querying different columns may need multiple tables and data duplication.

Example: Retrieve the information for a movie with a specific ID

Disadvantages of queries

  • Examples show full text for look up.

  • Limited by PK.


  • Typically do not need to retrieve all of the results. Only the most relevant one’s are interesting and rarely goes beyond the first N results where N is 10.

  • Relevancy means each row is given a score based on how well it matches the search parameters, and the results are ordered is based on those scores.

  • Certainly much more flexible as exact values are not required.

  • Generally not as fast as a query, but still considered near real-time as results are typically sub-second.

Same examples, different functionality

Some examples using Search

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