Functional Use Cases

DSE Version: 6.0



First and foremost it’s important to note that DSE Search is not a stand alone product. It simply refers to the search functionality within the DSE platform. We don’t look at search use cases in a dedicated and pure fashion as there is some level of search functionality found in modern day cloud applications across all industries and verticals.

To put it in another way, search allows our users to ask complex business questions and derive value from data in a more contextual way.

  • DSE Search is often used as a simple indexing engine, which allows multiple and/or different fields to be queried.

  • One of the biggest value propositions of the functionality because it provides more RDBMS-style queries and ad-hoc querying capabilities.

  • Full Text Search is the typical functionality users are accustomed to with Search technology. Because the index configuration is high customizable and granular, users Can search for a word or combination of words within a body of text.

  • Ranking and the ordering of search results based on relevance or other criteria is also part of the Full Text search functionality.

  • Users to query and filter on geo-spatial coordinates in relation to distance or proximity and even shapes.

  • With this functionality, we can provide Personalized search results using point of interest location data, and current user location as well as basic spatial analysis.

Some of the more popular Search and Solr functionality are the Faceted Search capabilities. Faceted Search is a mechanism for grouping and counting matches. More on the analytics spectrum of functionality but widely popular nonetheless.

The suggester component is often referred to as “Predictive Search” and often used in type ahead functionality.

Let’s take a deeper look at the Search functionality inside of DSE.

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