Connecting Studio to Apollo

DSE Version: 6.7



Let's get Studio connected to your Apollo database.

You need to connect Studio to your Apollo database so that when you perform database operations in the notebooks, the operations will know which database to use.

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Exercise: Connect Studio to Apollo

In this exercise, you will:

  • Go through all the steps to connect Studio to your remote Apollo database


1. Get the link to your Apollo secure connections bundle. In the Browser, go to your Constellation tab and find database. Then click on the Actions menu and select Connection Details. The Constellation tab should have the URL

 2. Copy the link of the Apollo security bundle to your clipboard. Right-click on the Download secure connect bundle. Then, click on Copy Link Address... Finally, close the window.

3. Create a terminal window in Theia. In the Theia tab in your browser, click on the Terminal menu item. Then click New Terminal. If you don't have a Theia tab yet, open a new tab in your browser and paste the Theia URL you received for the class.

4. Download In the new terminal window you just created in the previous step, use the curl command to download the secure connect bundle. The curl command looks like:

curl "paste-the-link-from-your-clipboard-here" >

Please use the name "" as other exercises depend on this name. Also, include the double-quotes in the command as shown.

Once you have curl'd the file, note that you are in /home/ubuntu/workspaceusing the pwd command. Also, make sure the file is present and correctly named using the ls command.

5. Open the connections window. In your browser in the Studio tab (you received the URL for Studio at the beginning of class), click on the hamburger menu and the Connections menu item.

6. Create a new connection. In the Connections window, click on the plus sign.


7. Click on the APOLLO CONNECTION tab within the Create Connection window.

8. Fill out the form and test the connection. Fill out the form with the values as indicated, then click the Test button.

  • Name: Apollo

  • Username: KVUser

  • Secure Connection Bundle Path: /home/ubuntu/workspace/

  • Password: KVPassword

9. Save the connection. Make sure the connection test was successful and then save the connection.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected Studio to your Apollo database!


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