Using CQL

DSE Version: 6.7





CQL is Cassandra Query Language. If you know SQL, CQL will be intuitive, but if not, CQL will be intuitive anyway :). In this unit we will go through some of the essential CQL commands and learn their syntax.

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Exercise: Learn Essential CQL

In this exercise, you will:

  • Review essential CQL syntax

  • Build the KillrVideo users table

This is a Developer Studio notebook-based exercise. The notebooks provide tutorials and let you access your database to try out CQL commands. Here's how you get to the notebook for this exercise:


1. Open DataStax Studio

2. Look for the notebook. Here is the notebook you are looking for:

If you cannot find this notebook, you can download it here, and then import the notebook into Developer Studio.

3. Open the notebook and get started! Now that you have located the notebook, click on it to open the notebook. From there, the notebook is self-explanatory, so enjoy!


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