Working With KillrVideo

DSE Version: 6.0



To learn about Apache Cassandra data modeling, we will be using a movie domain for a sample application called KillrVideo. This unit will introduce you to the KillrVideo application.


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Exercise 1.1: Setting Up Lab Environment

In this exercise, you will:

  • Setup the virtual machine for this course
  • Familiarize yourself with cqlsh


Connect to the cloud instance

1. If you are taking this course in a class environment, your instructor will assign you an IP address of a cloud instance that you will SSH into.

2. SSH to the cloud instance using the IP address and key provided.

ssh -i [classkey] ubuntu@[ip-address]

Run cqlsh

3. Start the Cassandra tool cqlsh. You can run cqlsh or any Cassandra / DSE tool from any directory because they are in your '$PATH'.


IMPORTANT: If cqlsh is not able to connect to DataStax Enterprise, use the command service dse status to see if DSE is running. If for some reason DSE is not running, you can start it with service dse start.

In cqlsh, note the prompt header changed to cqlsh>indicating further commands are for cqlsh instead of the Linux shell.

4. Execute the following query:

SELECT * FROM system_schema.keyspaces;

cqlsh displays the results immediately. Notice the built-in keyspaces. Your cqlsh environment is working correctly.

5. Type exit to quit cqlsh.

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