Conceptual Data Modeling

DSE Version: 6.0



Conceptual data modeling is essentially taking all the objects in your domain, determining their attributes and seeing how all of them are related together. In this unit, you will learn about conceptual data modeling with Apache Cassandra.


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Exercise 4.1: Finish a conceptual data model

In this exercise, you will:

  • Model the KillrVideo entities
  • Identify the entity types, relationship types, and attribute types


Diagram KillrVideo entities and their attributes

Here is an almost complete conceptual model of the KillrVideo domain:

Note the "What else?" areas for both attributes and relationships for User.

  1. Using pen and paper or a whiteboard if you are working in groups, identify what further attributes would also describe the User entity type.
  2. Determine what other relationships are necessary between User and Video.
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