Course Conclusion

DSE Version: 6.0


This concludes the DS210 course on DataStax Enterprise Operations with Apache Cassandra. Thanks for joining us! There is so much more on DataStax Academy to discover!


Yay!  You made it!  Huzzah! Thanks for taking the time to go through DS210: DataStax Enterprise Operations with apache Cassandra.  It was a lot of content, so good job! If you are hungry for more there are other courses you should look at on DataStax Academy.  If you haven’t already done so, DS201 DataStax Enterprise Foundations of Apache Cassandra is a great way to get your head around the fundamentals.  If you have, then move onto DS220, Practical Application Data Modeling with Apache Cassandra. If you are using DataStax Enterprise and want a deep technical dive into DSE Features, we have DS310 DataStax Enterprise Search, DS320 DataStax Enterprise Analytics with Apache Spark and DS330, DataStax Enterprise Graph.  Also take a look at the DataStax Distributed Data Show on DataStax Academy! Updated with awesome new content every week! We hope to see you on another course!

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