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Hello from one of the old timers at DataStax! Well, for a company such as ours, I’ve been around for a long time. But then again, time is relative…

My name is Emmanuel (Manny) Pilli and I am responsible for the worldwide support team at DataStax. I joined DataStax not too long ago, in January of 2014, when we were a considerably smaller company. Prior to DataStax, I worked with several fast-paced startups in the Valley and come with a lengthy background building successful support organizations. My mission at DataStax is to build a world-class support engineering team 100% focused on ensuring that you are successful in your use of our products and solutions.

As with most startups, in the early days our general Engineering teams worked hand in hand with support. Development and Test Engineers actively partnering with Support Engineers to provide 24x7x365 coverage and ensure that you had access to help when you needed it. Well over the past several years, Support has grown up to be a fully self-sufficient function, ready and able to provide you with help at any time.

Since this is my first post, let me take this opportunity to share a little information about us, the Support Engineering team at DataStax. Our (always) growing team of support engineers, currently 40+, spans the globe with regional engineering presence in EMEA, APAC, and the USA.  This distributed group of engineers allows us to provide you with assistance from a near-local Support Engineer regardless of where you are. And if you’ve noticed in the latest update to the Support Portal, we’ve included an option for you to select where your help comes from. Please do take the time to provide us with your phone number and make a selection in the Support Region field so that we know how to best connect you with an engineer.

But regardless of your selection in the Support Region field, please know that your newly logged High and Urgent tickets will always be assigned to an active on-duty Engineer. Once the situation is stabilized, we can act upon your selection and assign your ticket to an engineer in the Support Region of your choice.

Early on, we also expanded the scope of our support function to have not just a reactive focus as is the fate of most support organizations. E.g. grab a ticket off the queue and work it. So, in addition to our world-wide team of Support Engineers, we created the Strategic Support team. This extremely-senior-level team of engineers allows us to provide a high-touch technical support experience when we feel that this is the approach necessary to ensure customer success. In addition to partnering with your assigned Support Engineer, they help ensure we provide you with the right level of support and engagement. The Strategic Support team provides technical advocacy, health checks, escalation management, and our added value offerings including Premium Support. Please note that some of these features come at additional cost, so please check in with your enterprise sales manager for more information.

So historically, you’ve engaged and interacted with our team through the Support Portal and various knowledge base articles. This year, thanks to Sequoyha’s efforts in the Support Blog launch, we’re hoping to increase our level of interaction with you and provide you much more value by sharing our stories, insights, and experiences.

What we hope you find, is that we are a team solely focused on your success.