Why Slack?

We created the DataStax Academy Slack for people to collaborate. We think collaboration is one of the best features of a community and we hope you find it an important part of your experience with DataStax and Apache Cassandra™.

How do I get access?

If you are familiar with Slack, you know that it is based on an invite system that our amazing engineers have built into DataStax Academy; making it as simple as Slack can get! Go to the "MY ACCOUNT" menu item and under the drop down, choose "SLACK INVITE" and you will see the invite information. 

If you've already been invited and you're trying to find your way to the channel: https://datastaxacademy.slack.com/.

At any time, you can resend the invitation in your DataStax Academy account page under the Slack tab.

What will I find?

We have pre-arranged channels to match the different functional areas of DataStax Academy and the DataStax Professional Community. There are also general-purpose channels for your questions around things like DataStax Enterprise and Apache Cassandra™. Here is a partial list of channels you will find:

For specific products

  • #OSS-Cassandra
  • #DSE-General
  • #DSE-Search
  • #DSE-Analytics
  • #DSE-Graph
  • #OpsCenter
  • #KillrVideo
  • #Spark-Connector
  • #DataStax-Drivers

For the DataStax Professional Community

  • #UserGroup-SouthBay
  • #UserGroup-NewYork
  • #UserGroup-London
  • #UserGroup-Paris

For DataStax Academy Events and Shows

  • #DS-Developer-Day
  • #Distributed-Data-Show
  • #Meetups

And more

  • #General
  • #Random
  • #Docker

What should I do?

We want you to collaborate, ask questions and help others if you can. Of course there will be DataStax people lurking around the rooms answering questions but we really hope that others will join in helping. We have an amazing community of users . Our hope is this will turn into a great resource for people from just starting to the experienced veteran.

Most important, we want to promote a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. If you feel the need to be a mean, nasty troll, this isn’t the place for you. We have posted our Code of Conduct so that we are very clear on what’s cool and what’s not cool. You will also find reporting guidelines for said trolls and we take these very seriously.

We hope to see you online and look forward to chatting with you!