About this Short Course

DataStax Enterprise 5.0, the database platform for cloud applications, includes Apache Cassandra 3.x with materialized views, tiered storage and advanced replication. Introduced in 5.0 is DataStax Enterprise Graph, the first graph database fast enough to power customer-facing applications, scale to massive datasets and integrate advanced tools to power deep analytical queries.

This multi-part overview empowers you to get up and running with the latest features in DataStax Enterprise 5.0.

What's New

Apache Cassandra 3.x brings even more efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings to DataStax Enterprise 5.0, starting with a revamped storage engine that helps model data in a more practical and less duplicated way. Materialized views give developers greater flexibility to quickly query and leverage existing tables, while improved hint storage provides more efficiencies when handling replica failures.

Tiered Storage helps you save money by giving you the power to choose where data is stored, giving developers the ability to use more expensive SSDs for hot data and cheaper storage for cold data.  

Advanced Replication brings another level of control to distributed databases. Users now have the ability to create separate, autonomous database spokes that can talk to a central hub at the table level. Sometimes remote spokes don't have continuous connectivity, letting them report back to the hub when available or as required by the application.

Multi-instance gives you the flexibility to deploy multiple nodes on a single box, using hardware resources as efficiently as possible.

DataStax Enterprise Graph provides the first real-time, scalable graph database. Built on open source technologies like Apache Tinkerpop and the graph query language Gremlin, the graph data model lets users create rich data connections. Additionally, DataStax Enterprise Graph comes fully integrated with the rest of the data models and tools found in DataStax Enterprise.

OpsCenter 6.0 adds centralized lifecycle management to the configuration of your cluster. Giving you the ability to upgrade or add configurations like the new tiered storage to your cluster at the click of a button. 

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