One is the loneliest number. Much, much worse than two. Many of PagerDuty’s mission-critical services are based on Cassandra, and as a result we have built up a lot of operational experience over the past few years. Unfortunately, some of our best learnings have come from sizeable failures in production. One of those failures stemmed from having multiple services share the same Cassandra cluster, which was a major factor in PagerDuty’s largest outage of 2014. This talk will relive that outage, sort through the wreckage, and explain why isolating your Cassandra clusters is a best practice you should adopt

Learn how Instaclustr runs Cassandra in a docker environment to give you a flexible development environment that uses only a very small set of resources, both locally and with your favorite cloud provider. Ben also covers lessons learned running Cassandra with a very small set of resources are applicable to both your local development environment and larger, less constrained production deployments.

This case study concerns how Open Source Connections moved large amounts of US Patent and Trademark Office patent data from Cassandra to Solr. How we approached the problem, the introduction of Spark as a solution, and how to optimize Spark jobs

It has been 2 years and 20 million+ consoles sold since the Playstation 4 launch, and Cassandra is still alive and well within our infrastructure. We will cover various aspects of running Cassandra at large scale, share our findings, and discuss some tricks that can make your lives easier. We will share how we handle varying use cases such as batch analytics using Spark to how we provide real-time personalized search.