Despite being a highly available system, we have had three outages caused by problems with our production Cassandra clusters over the past year. We'll take a look at each of these outages: what we saw from the inside, the actions we took to recover, and most importantly the procedures and monitoring that will help prevent it from happening to you.

In this session, we would like to present the lessons learned around Cassandra, both at the development and operations level, but also the technology and architecture we put in action on top of Cassandra such as Redis, syslog-ng, RabbitMQ, Java EE, etc. Additionally, we would like to share insights on how we are currently extending our platform with Spark and Kafka and what our motivations are.

The SimianViz microservices simulator contains a model of Cassandra that allows large scale global deployments to be created and exercised by simulating failure modes and connecting the simulation to real monitoring tools to visualize the effects.

In this talk, we’ll explore Spark and see how it works together with Cassandra to deliver a powerful open-source big data analytic solution.

Details how to secure Apache Cassandra clusters. Covers client to server and server to server encryption, securing management and tooling, using authentication and authorization, as well as options for encryption at rest.

In this talk, I will give a brief introduction to CQRS and the Event Sourcing pattern and will then answer the questions above using a real life example of a data store for customer data.

The audience will participate in a live, interactive demo that generates high-quality recommendations using the latest Spark-Cassandra integration for real time, approximate, and advanced analytics including machine learning, graph processing, and text processing.

A deep look at how Netflix achieves high availability in the face of failure.  State of Xen takes goes inside operating DataStax Enterprise to survive node, rack, and even, random AWS reboots. 

Over the past 2 years ING has quckly adopted Cassandra; focusing on customer experience ING has moved to a touch-point architecture based increasingly on micro-services. For most API’s Cassandra is a perfect match, easing availability challenges by being active-active and having an always-on architecture. However, at ING we have plenty of relatively small use cases which makes justifying dedicated clusters difficult due to avoiding SAN and hardware choices already made.

We will present our Office 365 use case scenarios, why we chose Cassandra + Spark, and walk through the architecture we chose for running DSE on Azure.