Oracle to Cassandra Migrations

Oracle has been the dominant relational database technology in the market for decades. As the benefits that a NoSQL database environment can provide becomes clearer, it’s easy to see that Oracle is unable to effectively handle the variety, velocity or volume of data growth that todays business applications demand. With Cassandra, you don’t have to risk your business availability with threats to downtime and you certainly don’t have to deal with the always growing operational costs that Oracle requires for hardware, software, maintenance, and support. Throw in the growing need for multi datacenter support and the fact that an Oracle envrionment is not elastic – meaning it cannot take advantage of the cloud and hybridized environments – and Cassandra has become a simple choice.


Use Cases and Migration Resources

Use Cases

Migration Resources

Use Cases

Aeris moved from Oracle to Cassandra as the primary data store for their machine-to-machine communications network for elastic scalability as well as the ‘no master’ and no single point of failure architecture, among other benefits.

Netflix moved from Oracle to Cassandra to store 95% of their data due to the fact it provides no single points of failure and offers superior scalability and availability for one of the largest cloud platforms in the world.

Iovation chose to replace Oracle with Cassandra for a predictability around cost growth of their database environment as well as better scalability.

Sky broadcasting made the switch from Oracle to Cassandra in order to resolve customer shopping cart experience issues related to performance and scalability issues. The decision to move to Cassandra was an easy one.

HealthCare Anytime
HealthCare Anytime was experiencing data management and performance issues with their web portal solutions for healthcare organizations driven mainly by the growth of their database environment. Moving to Cassandra delivered a high performance platform as well as lowered costs and improved management.

UbiEst’s location based services solutions for fleet management, personal security and web mapping needed a database that could handle the fast reads/writes for handling their GPS tracker data and chose Cassandra once Oracle and MongoDB proved to be too expensive and incapable meeting performance requirements.

GX Software
GX Software, a leading global software vendor, made Cassandra their primary data store over other relational and non-relational options due to Cassandra’s ability to handle a high volume of simultaneous reads/writes in real time and ability to scale up to 1 billion profiles or more.

PROS Big Data software offerings include a sales analysis recommendation engine running on Apache Cassandra after evaluating against mulitple Oracle offerings and Redis. PROS uses Cassandra as a distributed database for low latency, high throughput services that handle real time workloads comprising of hundreds of updates per second and tens of thousands of reads per second.

Migration Resources

An Open Letter to Oracle DBA’s offers a former Oracle DBA’s viewpoint on why considering Cassandra over Oracle has many ramifications and to embrace the notion that you don’t have to only use “the hammer of Oracle to pound every nail”.

When considering the option to migrate from Oracle to Cassandra, see why industry leaders such as OpenWave, Netflix and Ooyala made the move from Oracle to Cassandra.