Terms and Conditions

  • All sales are final. No refunds or returns under any circumstance.
  • You must take the certification exam within 30 days of making your payment. If you do not take the exam within 30 days, the exam fee will be forfeited.
  • If you do not pass the exam, you must pay the fee again before re-taking the exam.
  • For non-US users: since the exam is taken online, VAT would not be applicable.

Exam Format

  • This is a timed, 90-minute exam. Once the timer reaches 0, you will be logged out of the exam and it will be automatically submitted for you.
  • There are 60 questions in the exam.
  • Questions are True/False and Multiple-Choice

Exam Rules

  • This is a closed-book, no-reference, proctored exam:
    • Yes - a live proctor will watch over your shoulder (virtually speaking) throughout the exam. 
    • We do not allow any learning materials, notes or papers. Your exam area must be free and clear of all papers, notes, or other devices.
    • No other programs or browser windows can be open during the exam. You will need to close ALL applications and browser windows/tabs on your machine except for the exam.
    • No screenshots, photography, or any other means of copying or recording any part of the exam are allowed.
  • Once connected to the proctor, he or she will check your identity and check your workspace.
    • Make sure you take the pre-flight test and confirm you have all the requirements.
    • You will need to provide at least one government-issued photo identification (like a passport or driver's license)  to confirm your identity
    • You will need to have a small mirror (like a hand-held or makeup mirror) on hand for the exam so the proctor can inspect your laptop's physical screen.
  • The exam starts promptly at the time and date you select and ends 90 minutes after you are set up with the proctor.
    • A timer on top-right corner of the exam will show the remaining time. 
    • You must begin taking your exam within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time or the exam will be forfeited.
    • Because the exam is proctored. you can only reschedule your exam if it is more than 12 hours away. If it is less than 12 hours, it cannot be rescheduled.
    • If you do not show up for the exam at the scheduled time, the exam will be forfeited.
  • A few minutes before the exam starts, please login to DataStax Academy and go to My Account’s your dashboard Certifications section.
    • Your exam should now show a countdown till the exam’s start, and will connect automatically to the online proctor when the exam begins.
    • If the start time has passed (but still within 30 minutes after scheduled time), click on the button to connect to the proctor. 
  • The proctor is required to report any incidents, so please make sure you follow the guidelines.
  • There is no report/feedback after the exam with the questions you got right or wrong.  If you fail, we recommend you thoroughly re-study the recommended courses for the exam and pass all of the quizzes provided with each course.
  • Tech support is available M-F 8:30am-5:00pm Pacific Time here.
  • Good luck!

Preparing for ProctorU

We advise to take their pre-flight test before you register or schedule the exam to ensure you are able to take the exam.

ProctorU has plenty of helpful information to guide you through and understand their system. 

Make sure your computer meets their requirements (you will need Flash, a digital camera, etc) so visit their site well in advance of the exam to make sure you have time to correct any issues.

Right before you start the exam, remember to have available at least one photo identification (like driver's license or passport) and a mirror, as well as remove any papers, books, mobile phones/other devices, and any other materials from the work area where you take the exam.

Our Online Exam Registration Process

  • Register and pay for your exam here https://academy.datastax.com/certifications OR on Eventbrite. Make sure you use the same email address for your Academy account.
  • Once your registration is passed to Academy (typically within one business day) you will receive an email notification that it't available.
  • Log in to your Academy account and go to My Progress, under Exams section (https://academy.datastax.com/progress#exams)
  • Click on the 'Schedule' button on your dashboard in the Certification Exams section. 
  • If this is your first time, enter your contact information 
  • Select the time zone, the date, and time you would like to take the exam.
  • There's a timer that will start to help you remember what time you selected.