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The Distributed Data Show is your weekly source for the latest news and technical expertise to help you succeed in building large-scale distributed systems. Brought to you by the DataStax Developer Advocate team, we go in-depth with DataStax engineers and special guests from the broader data community. New episodes each Tuesday.

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E.g., 01/19/2019
E.g., 01/19/2019
Jan 08, 2019 • By: Jeff Carpenter

In this episode Jeff talks with Max Melnick about how he got into analytics consulting with Deloitte (no, he's not an accountant), and how the Mission Graph capability Deloitte has built on top of DataStax Enterprise helps analysts leverage complex networks to detect financial fraud, terrorism, and even supply chain vulnerabilities.

Jan 02, 2019 • By: Cedrick Lunven

Différents profils assistent aux Developers Days organisés par DataStax et pas uniquement des développeurs. Nous interviewons aujourd'hui Mr Grain, architecte qui nous explique les cas d'usages qu'il entrevoit pour une banque.

Dec 18, 2018 • By: Cedrick Lunven, Patrick McFadin

After running 6 DataStax Developer Days Events in multiple cities around the world,  Patrick McFadin and Cedrick Lunven take a few minutes to wrap up, provide some developer feedbacks and trendy technical subjects before opening perspectives for next year.

Dec 11, 2018 • By: Cedrick Lunven, Christopher Splinter

DataStax Apache Kafka™ Connector is one of the new and long awaited functionality in DataStax Enterprise 6.7. It allows seamless data integration between Apache Kafka™ DataStax enterprise using Kafka Connect. Chris Splinter, product manager, explains us what the connector is able to do achieve and provided some details about how it can be used to help and empower developers.

Dec 04, 2018 • By: Amanda Moran

What’s new in DSE 6.7! Information and discussion about DSE Metric Collector, improvements to Search, improvements to back-up and point-in-time restore, and finally the long awaited DSE Kafka connector!

Nov 27, 2018 • By: Adron Hall

In this episode Adron Hall speaks with Luc Perkins about his work at the CNCF, Kubernetes, and where projects are heading and what projects they're working on. Adron also speaks with Luc about docs, projects he's been seeing that are really interesting, skeleton code for projects, and lot's of other topics.

Nov 20, 2018 • By: Jeff Carpenter

Over the past 4 years, Caroline has worked as a solutions engineer to help many customers adopt Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise. In this episode Caroline shares how these conversations with those customers have changed over time, from an initial focus on scaling out databases, to an emphasis on microservices architecture, to a high level interest in using machine learning to get insights from data.

Nov 13, 2018 • By: Adron Hall

In this episode Adron talks with Travis about starting and working site reliability in a large retail enterprise. They tackle topics ranging around outages, database sizing, monitoring and observability, disparate workloads and migrations between cloud providers. Then Travis and Adron head into discussion about distributed cache and some of the questions we would need to ask to determine the functionality needed. The episode then wraps up with a few outtakes at the end.

Nov 06, 2018 • By: Patrick McFadin

Patrick welcomes Shogo Hoshii to the show to learn why Yahoo Japan is running over 200 clusters of Apache Cassandra and why NoSQL databases are starting to gain momentum in Japan.


Oct 30, 2018 • By: Patrick McFadin

Patrick McFadin talks with “Cassandra Archaeologist” Carlos Rolo of Pythian about best practices for upgrades in Apache Cassandra clusters.