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Course duration: 9 hours

DS220 teaches you data modeling techniques essential to a successful Apache Cassandra™ and DataStax Enterprise deployment.  You’ll learn conceptual data modeling techniques, principles and methodology, design techniques and optimization, and review select data modeling use cases.

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Introduction: Course Introduction

Dive head first into Apache Cassandra using our hands-on approach to mastering the fundamentals of data modeling using CQL. These step-by-step videos guide you through creating tables, partitioning your data, choosing correct clustering columns, dodging upserts, manipulating counters, and other CQL constructs. Take a journey with and help them migrate their existing relational model to Apache Cassandra.

Exercise 1 Solution

Introduction: Introduction to KillrVideo

Quick Wins: Challenge 1

Exercise 2 Solution

Quick Wins: Challenge 2

Exercise 3 Solution

Quick Wins: Challenge 3

Exercise 4 Solution

Quick Wins: Challenge 4