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DS210 delivers  the tools and knowledge needed to operate and tune your Apache Cassandra™ or DataStax Enterprise deployments.  You will learn expert skills and techniques  to tune performance and environments, deploy multi-data center functionality, diagnose and resolve common production problems, and more.

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Introduction: Course Introduction

This section takes a look at a typical installation of an open-source Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise cluster, including: installing dependencies, package downloading, setup and configuration, start up, and an introduction to the tools cqlsh and nodetool.

Introduction: Environment Setup-Cassandra Open Source

Introduction: Environment Setup-DataStax Enterprise

Introduction: Vnodes and Single-Token Nodes

Managing Cassandra: Managing Cassandra and Adding Nodes

Learn about the operational tasks performed when sizing or scaling a Cassandra cluster, best practices for adding, removing nodes, along with a breakdown of the bootstrapping and clean up process. Explore different real-world scenarios whether a node is online or down, and how and why that can occur and how DataStax OpsCenter can help.

Managing Cassandra: Best Practices For Adding Nodes

Managing Cassandra: Add, Remove, Decommission, Move Nodes (Demo)

Managing Cassandra: Bootstrap

Managing Cassandra: Cleanup

Managing Cassandra: Cleanup (Demo)

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Introduction: Course Introduction

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