DataStax Academy Help


This form is for issues on DataStax Academy website, courses and certification exams only.

If you are looking for more general help, please use one of the resources below as the Academy web team cannot help with such topics:

  • If you have technical questions concerning DataStax Enterprise or our other products, try our documentation or email
  • If you have difficulties downloading our products, please contact the DataStax web team.
  • To learn more about becoming a DataStax customer, please contact us here.
  • You can also open your questions up to the community experts on DataStax Community.
  • For questions regarding Apache Cassandra open source, check out StackExchange.
  • If you have questions regarding Certification Exams, please refer to our exam page.


Otherwise, if you have technical questions with the Academy website, courses or certification exams, please use the form below to describe the issue and we'll get right back with you: