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The DataStax Certification program gives you the easiest, most focused path to success. With free courses and a clear goal in mind – this is the best way to motivate yourself to learn the latest technologies.

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There’s no coincidence that what DataStax Enterprise and Apache Cassandra™ are great at – global scale and high availability – is the solution to so many of today's innovative experiences and engineering challenges. And it's only the beginning. Become a part of it with DataStax Certifications.

Help your future-self

Whether you’re preparing for your next project or next step of your career, third party validation will help you succeed. According to StackOverflow, Apache Cassandra™ developers command 31% higher salaries, the highest of any database technology. That's a plus.

Certifications by DataStax

Professional Certification on Apache Cassandra™

The foundational Apache Cassandra™ certification is a perfect starting point for those new  to Cassandra and DataStax. Focused on the core of DataStax Enterprise, Apache Cassandra™. Join thousands of engineers that have been certified on the popular, massively scalable NoSQL database. 

  • Apache Cassandra™ 3.0 
  • 2 online courses
  • 18 hours

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Professional Certification on DataStax Enterprise

The all-new DataStax Enterprise certification focuses on the tools surrounding Apache Cassandra™ – DataStax Analytics, Search, and Graph; everything you need to build fully distributed, intelligent, and responsive cloud applications.

  • DataStax Enterprise 5.0
  • 3 online courses
  • 30 hours

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Expert Specializations  

Certification specialties including Administrator, Architect, and more are coming Spring 2017. Available as an upgrade to those that have taken the foundational Professional Certification on Apache Cassandra™, these certifications are designed to bring your skills to an expert level. 

Looking for O'Reilly's Apache Cassandra™ 2.0 certifications?

View prerequisites for Developer, Administrator, or Architect certification exams.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will Apache Cassandra™ 3.0 and DataStax Enterprise Professional certifications be available online?
    We are working on creating a secure online testing environment and will be launching online certifications by Spring 2017.

  • Where can I take the exam?
    We currently offer certification exams at DataStax Academy Live certification and training events. If you don’t see an event in your area please request one and we’ll try our best to make it happen. By Spring of 2017 we will have an online certification option available.
  • What do I need to bring to a certification event? 
    Please bring a laptop with an up to date modern web browser. No downloads will be required.
  • When does the certification expire?
    While your certification never expires we recommend to stay up to date on the latest major version of Apache Cassandra™, which is currently version 3.0.
  • When will I receive my certification?
    You’ll digitally receive your certification within 2 weeks of completing your exam.
  • How does the DataStax Professional Certification on Apache Cassandra™ relate to the O’Reilly Apache Cassandra™ 2.0 certifications (developer, admin, and architect)?
    The DataStax Professional Certification on Apache Cassandra™ covers version 3.0 and is our entry level foundation certification. Specializations for administrators and architects will be available as an upgrade to the Professional Certification Spring 2017.  For more information on O'Reilly's 2.0 exams please visit

  • How can I prepare for the O’Reilly Apache Cassandra™ 2.0 certifications developer, administrator, or architect? 
    We have recommended courses and practice tests for each located at the following links: developer, administrator, architect

  • If I am certified on Apache Cassandra™ 2.0 via O'Reilly does this mean my certification is now invalid?
    No. Your certification is still valid, and has no experation date. However, we do encourage staying to date with the latest major version e.g. 2.0, 3.0, etc.

  • What is the retake policy?
    Each exam credit purchase is valid for one attempt. There are no limits to the number of credits you can purchase, or time between attempts.
  • What is the refund policy?
    Refunds are available outside of 30 days of the event. For more information please contact